Vector North is a web site design company offering HTML and professional flash web site design. This is not a huge website design house where portions of a site are doled out to several different people. Here, I do it all. I exclusively tailor my web design services to suit your individual needs. I specialize in Flash web design and HTML web site design or a combination of both that are search engine friendly. I also use applets and Javascript to give just the right effect to your site. Ecommerce website design can be made available to you as well as FormMail to reduce spam.

I use graphics software extensively to adjust your
photos exactly as you want them and if yours is a
new business, I can help you with logo design.Take a
look at my portfolio by clicking on any of the pictures
or go to the link below for more of my sites. There are
comments and pricing suggestions with each site.

Probably the most important consideration for most small business is what is the average cost to design a web site? Most sites listed on the Internet as providing this service do not list custom web site design cost. Since it plays a large part in deciding what sort of presence you would like on the Web, it's helpful to have some idea. Here, I've provided notes and pricing suggestions with each of the web sites.

I will work closely with you to provide exactly the web site design you want, with or without hosting. I would like to point out that I also operate a graphic design business. This lets me cater to my clients in an expanded capacity by maintaining consistency in the media from web site logo to business cards, brochures, fridge magnet calendars, posters, bookmarks, magazine ads as well as the web site design.

The second most important consideration for most small businesses after cost of web site design is 'How can I achieve the best possible ranking on the Internet?' There's no tried and true way of achieving the spot at the top because the search engines often change their algorithms or methods of ranking web sites. However, there are ways to give the best possible boost to your web site.

While trying to provide exactly the web site design you want, I will be keeping in mind what keyword phrases will draw you the most clients and will be attempting to work those in as often and naturally as possible into the body text on your site. This is what most search engines are looking for in a site and can have a substantial effect on your ranking.
So you must keep in mind that I will need something of a free hand with the text, headings and titles on your site.

The following graphic represents a Flash logo designed for a gentleman that owns a nostalgic collectibles website. He wanted something that reflected what his business is about.
Since he sells collectibles for nostalgic television shows and
movies, it made sense to give his logo a movie theme, such as the old fashioned reel movies. The characters move across the screen while the True Legends text, named for his website, fades in. Click on the graphic below to see the Flash file.

Besides his collectibles site this client also has Fun Fabrics, a site that sells specialty fabrics, with many types of printed materials including John Deere, Coca Cola, Winnie the Pooh, Betty Boop, Nascar and more.
After working together to develop the True Legends header with the film strip, Jim decided he would like something with as much movement for the Fun Fabrics header.
If you would like to see another moving logo header designed in Flash go to Fun Fabrics where you can see it in action.

Welcome to Vector North Web Design!

NOTE: In the past few years Apple has caused quite a ruckus in the industry, and while I used to design many sites in Flash, I no longer will now. So if for any reason you cannot get a site that you have clicked on to show up, it is because it is entirely or partially built in Flash and you may not have a plugin, or are using a Mac product. Below are some examples. See page two for design notes on these.