All of these sites are still good examples of custom Flash web site design, even though these particular four sites are not being utilized any more. That doesn't make the pages any less valid for use in a portfolio, and the graphic logo on HH Whitetails is a good example of what can be achieved when blending several images.

The Serenity Spa thumbnail up on the left represents a website that I was extremely proud of because I think it exactly caught the calm and relaxing feeling the clients were going for in order to sell their product. There is a tremendous amount of work done with Photoshop in this site for the header and footer and there is sound. I needed to create music that was both calming and that I could loop for fast loading and this was the result. This site Flash example has now been replaced by low res JPG snapshots, which means that the tremendous color and clarity are no longer there but it still shows the site to some effect.

The folks that requested the Kinesionics web site have been doing very well with their business and no longer feel that they need a web site. I really like the feel I captured with it, and there's extensive design work in the header so I've placed it on this site as another design example.

The Country Inn thumbnail represents a build that was fun and very interactive and has loon calls on it yet!