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Hosting Your Web Site:

Once you have the web site designed exactly as you want, you will need three things. A domain name that suits your business, a web host, and a web site maintenance plan, although the last one is not a necessity.

Domain Name: If at all possible, your domain name should reflect your business. The more it reflects your business, the more that Search Engine Optimization can be applied to it. It may not necessarily be the same name as your business. In fact, unless your business name, such as Sony, is a household name all over North America, you may be better off choosing a name that describes your business rather than business name. For example: I am working with one client now who's business name is Natural Impact Enterprises. But his business is kinesionics therapy. The latter is going to make more sense to people searching the subject on search engines. The domain name we will probably go with? Another example: Northern Canadian Chainsaw Wood Carving is the business name for the wood carving site in my portfolio. The name was far too unwieldy to use in a domain name and NCCWC means nothing to most people. I suggested and he ran with it. Carving is a part of the phrase 'wood carving' that searchers may use on the search engines. You can check for the availability of the name you are interested in or series of names, or let me do it.

Cost of Hosting: If you do not already have a host, and are interested in one, you can check anywhere on the web or you can use one of the plans that I use. Blacksun or Blue Genesis are both reasonable but the latter is a little less expensive with good support and ease of use which is nice for me.
Most basic plans are about $10 per month and offer lots of memory, emails, cgi-bins, perl and good support. Don't forget that the domain name is an additional expense. I usually charge $25 annually to go get your domain name and make sure it is paid for every year but you can also do that yourself. Just don't forget to pay for it when the annual fee is due or you can lose that name!

Web Site Maintenance: You may wish to have changes or updates made to your web site on a regular basis. This may include photo changes, newsletters, body text, etc. You will also need to have your site submitted to search engines. Your keywords may need to be tweaked on occasion to raise your standings with the search engines. You will also want to get monthly ranking reports on the search engines. You can certainly do all this yourself, or you can pay me to do it. I charge a flat fee of $25US or $35Canadian funds per month for maintenance. If you want hosting included, it will be $10 more per month. If you would rather not pay a monthly maintenance fee but may need changes the odd time, as mentioned on the pricing page, I charge $22 per hour to work on your web site.

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