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Grapic Design:I am also a graphic designer and produce business cards, fridge magnet calendars, brochures, posters and more in the hard print media for my clients. So if you would like a cross-board consistency from web media to print, I can certainly provide that. I can also help you with logo design if you don't already have that in place for your business.

Fridge Magnet Calendars: This is probably the most unique service I offer to my clients. I produce a small calendar that has a graphic image or photo on each calendar page individually tailored to your business with a business card backing. This backing has your logo and business information. Many of my clients hand out or mail this calendar to their clients and have received good results from it. Quite a few businesses hand out full sized calendars to their customers, but most people only hang up one or two of them somewhere around their house or business. Because of the size and the magnet on the back, my calendar usually is put in a spot that brings high exposure for the business I designed them for. Since each calendar page has a different graphic image or photo, it adds interest for the customer and quite often gives them a good laugh if it is a cartoon image. Most of the calendars I produce are 4" x 3 1/2" but I can adjust that size to suit you. I won't put a lot of examples here of either business cards or the calendars, but if you are interested in seeing more examples, I would be happy to send you some. Simply email me for pricing.
Because these images were developed for print media, you will find that the images below are not that clear because I was trying to include a good sampling, but still keep the load time from being too slow, so the images have been saved to a very low resolution jpg.
Business Cards:

Fridge Magnet Calendars:


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