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Now there's the sixty-four dollar question. It is very difficult to find costs for web design. I have noticed in my research on the 'Net, that no one seems to want to give out that information. Sometimes, if you fill out a form describing what you want in general, someone will eventually email you with an estimate for accessible web site design. I decided that since that bothers me, it probably bothers a potential client researching the pricing for a web site design. My question is, why not skip that step of waiting for someone to get back to you. Which is why I decided I would give the value of the custom web sites I have presented in my portfolio. Since few people are going to want exactly the same site as any I have already done, then that value is only an approximate one. But it does give interested parties a rough estimate of what they are looking at in terms of web site design costs without having to contact me first.

It's impossible to set the price of custom web site design in stone. Each site is different, with different objectives, requiring different elements and different timelines. So cost is going to vary. Which is the main reason most web site designers are reluctant to post their pricing. With good reason. There are just too many variables.
I may not charge as much for a web design where I am given 'carte blanche' or free rein, versus one with a rigid structure that I'm forced to work within. Images that are all the same size already on a disk such as those taken by a digital camera take me much less time to work with than the standard photos that I must scan in or rework to improve quality, color or match consistency with other photos.
If you have a clear objective for your web site...and I don't mean web design...I mean clear goal, then that is going to make my job easier and go faster. Because if I know the end result you expect from your web site, I can reach it faster. If you change the logo design of your business midstream, after I have spent many hours designing something for your web site, (which happened to me. It cost me a great deal of time, and time is money, which is why it is being used as an example here) then it's going to cost you more.
If you already have a web site in place but are not happy with it, it may cost you less if some of the material on your present site is salvageable. If you have no web page, but you already have a business logo on disk, and brochure information, and images on disk, then your web site is not going to cost you very much at all. Because a lot of prep work will already have been done. There are a lot more variables than this but you get the general idea.

The hourly cost for original web site design is $20 per hour but I give honest hours. In other words, you may get three hours of work for the one hour I charge you just because I may want to experiment with the design or colors on my own time. I do a lot of graphic design work for my own business, and quite often I will fool with the graphics on your site but at my cost, not yours if it's my own idea. If I have in mind something special that I want to do but don't know how to do it, I will not be charging you for the research or the time learning to do it. Only for the implementation. If you have in mind something special that you want done, and I don't know how to do it, I may research it on my time to let you know what it is going to cost you, for me to learn how to implement the idea and so on.

I offer professional flash web site design as well as web design in html and make good use of Javascript and Applets. I believe I offer exceptionally low cost web design that packs a lot of punch. I like to work closely with my clients to make sure they are getting exactly what they asked for.

And if you don't like the web design I produced for you? You don't pay for the site. At any way, shape or form.

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