Vector North Web Design - Why Black Backgrounds

Why Black Backgrounds?

Black is exceptional for showing off photos to their best effect, and does not detract from the images at all. Many of my sites are related to vacation....and most people researching their vacations want to see pictures first, and description last.

Other web sites may have different objectives, but if they need to showcase images, then I will quite often use black. However, I'm certainly not stuck on that color...or non the experts would call it. To me using a dark background is a luxury. I've been in the graphic design business for sometime, and if there is one thing that is expensive, it's dark background because it uses up so much ink during the printing process.

I often like to use different colors of text and, again, black is best for making brightly colored text very readable. A lot of what I see on the web follows the rules of hard copy design, such as what you would see on brochures from the printers. One reason for this is because this format is tried and true over the ages, and the other is it lends itself well to frames in a web design. But it can be boring. The Internet and web design is unlimited in its possibilities and it's nice to step out of the box on occasion.

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