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I would like to introduce you to myself and Vector North.
Because of the general anonymity or facelessness associated with the Internet, it would appear most buyers find a 'human presence' on the 'Net' very important to them.
So: Here's some information about me. I hope it helps you in your quest for a web designer.

How to fall into computer design:

Some years ago while breeding quarter horses in Saskatchewan, Canada, I started up a home-based computer graphics business. I more or less fell into computer graphic design while a Realtor in northern British Columbia. Few of my fellow Realtors were all that familiar with designing posters, brochures, etc. on computer. Neither was I, but I was having great fun learning! They began to come to me to create more and more of their advertising and marketing pamphlets.

Back to Saskatchewan - No one in the small town I landed in knew much about computers, although many people were beginning to purchase them. Many of my neighbours, town committees, businesses, and townspeople began to ask me to create one thing or another for them, much of what I had never done before but again; it was great fun learning! I also seemed to be on call a lot to help others 'fix' their computers, or teach them how to use them in the first place. Not that I knew that much about it. I just happened to know a little more than many of them did. As a result of all this, I started a 'design business' at home because I figured I might as well start charging for all the time I was putting in.

After selling the horse operation I moved to the city of Saskatoon to take a two year course in multimedia; namely computer graphic design and web design. I've since moved back to British Columbia to a fairly remote resort area called Nimpo Lake, West of Williams Lake, in West Central British Columbia at the foot of the Coastal Mountains. Hence the name; Vector North. The disadvantage of living on a beautiful lake in this wonderful locale, is that I'd much rather be out fishing many days than in my office on the computer.

My working background:

Unlike many of the web designers you'll find out there...I've been around the block a time or two in the real world. I've held many jobs in my lifetime including, forestry-lumber industry-Realtor-horse breeder-deer breeder-sales; helped run a few small businesses, including resorts and a greenhouse operation, as well as owning a few of my own, that all aid in one form or another in producing the best possible web site for my clients. Extensive inside knowledge of many businesses allows me to custom build web sites specifically attuned to that business. And if I don't know a lot about a business, then I will research it before building the site so that it has the 'feel' suitable to its content. I do not stuff a logo, some images, and text onto a template and call it a web page.
I promise you; you will always get more than your money's worth!

What I like to do:
Well, if it's any help to you; I like reading, computer design, hunting, flying (floatplanes), walking with my dogs, fishing, cross-country skiing, and probably my all time favorite winter sport is snowmobiling!!

About Vector North Web Design
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