Comments and Pricing information - White Saddle Ranch Country Inn

White Saddle Ranch Country Inn: The owner of this operation had no website but instead had reference to their inn on an air services site actually owned by the brother and since both operations actually worked in tandem together, the reference worked well enough, but there was little information. Their Country Inn has grown in scope and is utilized heavily by winter heli-skiers flown in from elsewhere so it made sense to put together a dramatic site that would really showcase what this wonderful accommodaton and region had to offer. I was very fortunate to already have marvelous high resolution photos on file taken by photographers from the same heli ski company that were sent to me a couple of years ago for a marketing ad I was doing for White Saddle Ranch. My intention had been to build the owners a one page site designed around those photos but we ended up expanding on it with more photos and more details about the accommodations and activities in the area.

Pricing: The charge for a site like this would range from $400 to $600 and that includes meta tags and keywords for search engines. Pricing would depend on quality and availability of photos for the background and in the website itself.

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