Comments and Pricing information - Chilcotin's Waterfront Motel & Resort

Chilcotin's Waterfront Resort & Motel: The owner of this operation had a website that was built by someone in a small community south of her and it was a monstrosity. Horrible thing. I offered to build her a one page site that could be hosted at no expense to her on my own travel site and she accepted. Since she is a listing client of mine I did not charge her for the site but since it's very simple and I could design it without input using my own photos, I wouldn't charge much for it anyway and it was so much better than looking at that other website.

Pricing: This is a very simple site so I probably would not charge any more than $200 or less and that includes meta tags and keywords for search engines. However, it was based on another website I had already designed (my own AJ Bed & Breakfast web page) so a completely new design might cost a little more.

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