Comments and Pricing information - Chilcotin's Waterfront Motel & Resort

Chilcotin's Waterfront Resort & Motel - THE 2016 REMAKE: The owner decided that she would like to have her own website hosted on a proper domain rather than on one of my sites, as it should be. It made sense to build the site in a responsive format so that it could be read on phones, tablets, and desktops. Unfortunately, I feel that the limitations of the mobile responsive style prevents a unique design concept. Taking away Flash, and now requirements by the search engines to build responsive design has put severe limitations on and taken the fun out of, building webpages in the past couple of years. However, I tried to produce a simple site to fit within the budget of my client that would still provide all the necessary information about her operation.

Pricing: I charged $462 for this website based on 21 hours at $22 per hour. This included search engine optimization and update of all links from other websites to this new website. Because I was not familiar with coding for responsiveness at the time, the website was based on an existing responsive template that I changed to suit the needs of the owner. This made it less expensive than a custom website would have.

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