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West Chilcotin Tourism Association - 2016 REMAKE: I informed the Directors of the West Chilcotin Tourism Association that Google had made an announcement that beginning in April 2015 that mobile responsive websites would now take preference in the search engines. I felt strongly that in order to stay competitive, we needed to update the site to be mobile responsive. This is a massive website in excess of 100 pages with a tremendous amount of information. It would have been cost prohibitive to try to redesign the entire website so we agreed to redesign the most important and searched pages on the website.

Pricing: I charged the Association $899 for the site based on 82 hours at $22 per hour. There was some free time given here as well but not a lot. All of the images had to be resized and replaced for mobile responsive, and of course this is an entirely new design. The front pages link back to the original $6000 static html site since it still has enormous value to visitors accessing the website.

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