Comments and Pricing information - Juniper Trails Bed & Breakfast

Juniper Trails Bed & Breakfast: The owner of this website had started up a brand new Bed & Breakfast in his home near Williams Lake BC and was looking for a website. He had already done a tremendous amount of work designing it in word processing software but didn't know how to turn it into a website to look exactly as he had designed it. I knew how but it was going to take a lot do to do it without using Flash and that is no longer a viable option with Apple products, for the moment anyway. Because I was in the middle of a magazine project, but he really wanted to get a website up right away, I told him that I would convert his PDF files into high res jpgs and insert them into an html holder and it would work as a website for now until I had time to convert it. It needs to be converted because straight jpgs do not give the search engines anything to work on. However, his business has taken off so well that he's in no hurry to convert the site to a properly coded website.

Pricing: It didn't take that much to convert his PDF files into jpgs and put them into an HTML table and since it's not actually a proper website, I still have not charged him for the work that was done, especially since it was entirely his design and not mine. I guess if we ever get around to converting the site, then I will post the pricing here.

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